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Wise Nutrition New Zealand Kiwi Fiber Drink

Wise Nutrition New Zealand Kiwi Fiber Drink
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The raw material is extracted from top-quality New Zealand ZespriĀ® kiwifruit 

The ORAC of New Zealand kiwifruit is 1.5 times of American kiwifruit

Unique extraction method to remove the skin and seeds which can easily lead to human allergies

Contains Actinidin, an active kiwifruit enzyme that helps maintain digestive function

Unique probiotics help to boost their natural population of good gut bacteria

Rich in dietary fiber, can promote the movement of material through the digestive system, soften the stools and solve the constipation problem

Contains active kiwifruit polyphenols, can regulate physiological function and maintain health

Actazin has been proven to be safe for the human body, suitable for all people

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